Photos: Daniel and America Landes Family

Here are some photos of Daniel and America Landes, along with 4 of their children - Zella (1886-1975), Oscar (1881-1959) Landes, Charles Jasper (1881-1952), and Virginia (1883-1973). Charles (C. J.) married Freddie Judy; Zella never married and lived most of her life at the D. A. Landes home place in the Dolly Hills near Riverton, WV. Oscar married Verdie Warner around 1900; they had one child - Edward. Oscar and Verdie divorced in 1930 and Oscar lived with Zella after about 1955 until his death in 1959. Virginia married Pendleton Lawrence. Daniel, America, Zella, Oscar, Edward, and Virginia and Pendleton are burried in the Landes/Dolly family Cemetery in the the Dolly Hills.

Daniel A. and America R. Landes portrait, probably around 1920

Zella and Oscar Landes at the homeplace in the Dolly Hills probably around 1953

Zella and Oscar Landes, with unknown frined at the homeplace in the Dolly Hills probably around 1953

Zella Landes and friend around 1953

Zella Landes around 1950,
probably while she was living
in the Washington, DC area.

Probably Edward Landes, son of Oscar Landes

Charles J. (C. J.) Landes with wife, Freddie around 1950.


Here are more photos that were found on the PendletonPals Facebook page, most uploaded by Ruby Crown, great-grand-daughter of Virginia Landes Lawrence:

Pendleon and Virginia Lawrence.
Florence Hedrick as a baby).

Pendleton Lawrnce

Virginia Lawrence and her daughters.
From left: Virginia Lawrence, Sota
Stutler, Florence Hedrick, Rebecca
Simmons, and Ruth Suhrie



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