Photos: Herbert and Gae Landes Family

Herbert Landes (1912-1991) was the son of Charles J. and Freddie Landes, and the grandson of Daniel A. and America R. Landes. Herbert married Gae Harper (1917-1991) and they lived in Germany Valley, WV, and then later, in the Dolly Hills. They had one child, Robert Dale Landes (1938-2017).

Herbert and Gae Landes when they lived in Germany Valley.

Herbert, Gae, and son
Richard Dale Landes

Herbert Landes.

Herbert Landes with fox hounds.

Herbert Landes with
unknown friend

Herbert Landes, ca 1927. See the license plate. If this was 1927, then Herbert would have been 15 or 16 years old.


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