Jackson Landes and Family

Jackson Landes (ca. 1820 - 1897)

Jackson Landes was the younger brother of Jesse Landes (1809 - 1894). Jo Ann Pedersen lists his birthyear as ca. 1820-1825; however, he was probably born earlier around 1815.

Jesse and Jackson were the children of John (ca. 1776 - 1871) and Elizabeth Peacock Landes (no dates available for her yet). Their mother, Elizabeth Peacock, evidently died prematurely and their father, John remarried to Catherine Buckley (ca. 1804 - 1877) in 1825.

In John Landes' 2nd marriage, John and Catherine had at least 6 children, and probably the total number of children to John Landes was probably 13.

Jackson married Barbara Iman and they had at least 2 children: John W. Landes (b. 1849; death date unknown) and Andrew Wellington Landes (1853-1909).

According to the 1860 census for Pendleton County, WV, for some reason yet uknown, Jackson and Barbara's son, Andrew Wellington Landes was living in the household of Aaron and Catherine Full at the age of 8, and 10 years later in the 1870 Pendleton County census, he was still living in the Aaron Full household at the age of 18. It is not known exactly why Andrew W. was living with the Fulls instead of his own parents, but it may have something to do with the start of the Civil War and the uncertain situation in Hardy and Pendleton Counties at that time. Grant County was created from Hardy County in 1866 following the end of the Civil War.

According to the 1870 census for Grant County WV, Jackson was living with his uncle, Martin Landes, and his wife, Joanna Custerd Landes, in 1870 and was listed as "insane". This was one of the designations in the census records at the time: 'Whether deaf and dumb, blind, insane, or idiodic.' In the 1880 census for Grant County, Jackson was listed as no longer living with any of his relatives but instead was living in the household of William George as a 'boarder' and was listed as "idiodic," so no doubt the George family was taking care of him at that time when no family member would take him in. The term, 'idiodic', is unfortunate by modern standards, but was one of the designations on the census records at the time.

Life did not end well for Jackson. According to the Grant County Press (Petersburg, WV) in the April 2, 1887 edition:

Killed on the Rail 

Jackson Landes was run over and instantly killed by a W.Va. C. train on last Thursday afternoon near Rawlins station. He was sitting on the track near a curve in the road and the train was on him before he noticed it. The remains were taken to Cumberland for identification and were buried there. Mr. Jas. Keller, of our town, identified him. Mr. Landes was being cared for at the Glebe in this county, but had slipped away a few days before the accident occurred. 

"Glebe" was a community in Hampshire County, WV near the lower mouth of "The Trough". It was named after a stone parsonage (glebehouse) that was constructed there before 1800 and later became the Hampshire County Poor Farm.

One of Jackson and Barbara Landes' children was Andrew Wellington Landes. He married Ann R. Schirk in 1874, but Ann died just 2 months after the marriage and 4 years later he married Ann's younger sister, Margaret Shirk. They had at least 10 children, one of whom was Andrew Lester Landis (1891 - 1964). By this time Andrew Wellington was spelling his last hame as 'Landis'.

Andrew Wellington Landis died in 1909 and is burried in the Isaac Harman Cemetery II cemetery near Seneca Rocks off Roy Gap Rd. At some point

Daniel A. Landes writes in his 1914 diary:

Stayed at home and worked in garden. Oscar, Verdie and Pent went down to Mouth of Seneca at Widow Andrew Landes' for Cherries. Charlie went to Harman with wool for J. H. Harman. Warm & dry.

. . . and again in 1915:

Went down to Mouth of Seneca and up in Roy Gap to Solomon E. Landes' and the widow Andrew W. Landes' and stayed all night

Solomon E. and Lester A. Landis continued to live near Seneca Rocks and Daniel A. Landes wrote a deed for them in 1916:

Surveyed some lines between Lester A. Landes and Solomon E. Landes. The latter having sold to Austin Shirk. Stayed at Widow Landes'. Snow soft & melted a little.

[Note that Daniel spelled their last name as 'Landes'; however, their gravestones are engraved 'Landis". So from here on, I will respect that and continue with the 'Landis' spelling.]

Andrew Wellington Landis had 10 children, one of whom was Andrew Lester Landis (1891 - 1964). Andrew Lester married Grace Agee and they had at least 2 children, one of whom was Paul Lester Landis. Paul Lester and his wife, Grace Anna, had at least 1 daugher, Paula Landis, who married Paul Schultz. The lived in Franklin, WV until their deaths. Paula Landis-Schultz wrote on the Pendleton Pals Facebook page in 2012:

I remember my grandma saying how sad she was when they came along and tore the school down. She also talked about how even though they didn't have much, some of the students would come over during lunch and she would give them homemade bread with jelly.

My grandparents, Lester and Grace Anna Landis owned the home where the school was. Their children were Andrew, Gladys, Paul(my dad), Bessie, Lona and Charles.


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