Photos: Charles and Freddie Landes Family

Charles Jasper Landes (1884-1952) was one of the children of Daniel and America Landes. C. J. married Freddie Judy (1883-1968) in 1905. They had 5 children: Ralph (1905-1975), Willie (1906-1998), Monna (1909-2006), Herbert (1912-1991), and Frank (1914-1994). Ralph married Kerlin Sponaugle; Willie married Ona Bland; Monna married Ted Hinkle; Herbert married Gae Harper; and Frank married Irene Ruddle.

C. J. Landes, probably around 1905.

Freddie Landes, probably around 1905.

Freddie and C. J. Landes, probably around 1950.

C. J. and Freddie Landes children. From left: Ralph, Frank, Herbert, Mona, and Willie. Probably around 1935.

From left: Rupert (Rube) Harper, C. J. Landes, (Shorty) Bill Harper, Willie Landes, Herbert Landes, around 1940.

From left: Mona Hinkle, Frank Landes, Freddie Landes, Willie Landes, Ralph Landis. Probably around 1938.

From left: Monna, Freddie, Herbert (on her lap), Ralph, Willie. Probalby aournd 1913. Frank had not been born yet.

Freddie Landes with son Ralph, probably around 1915 along with their Edison Amberola phonograph and cylinder recordings.

Front row from left (children): Ralph Landis child, Ralph Landis child, Dale Landes (son of Herbert), Ralph Landis child, Ralph Landis child. Second row: Ralph Landis child, Helen (Skidmore, daughter of Willie), Betty (McCoy, daughter of Willie), Ralph Landis child, Edwin Hinkle (son of Mona), Mary Rose (Newman, daughter of Willie), June (Evick, daughter of Willie), Roxie (Hammer, daughter of Willie), Naomi (dughter of Mona), Bonnie (daughter of Frank). Back row: Kerlin Landis (wife of Ralph), Ralph Landis, Mnna Hinkle, Nellie (Rogers, daughter of Willie), Ted Hinkle (husband of Monna), Ona Landes (wife of Wilie), Herbert Landes, Willie Landes, Gae Landes (Wife of Herbert), Frank Landes, Irene Landes (wife of Frank), Janet (daughter of Frank).

Grand-children of C. J. and Freddie Landes. From left: Edwin and Naomi Hinkle (children of Monna), and Dale Landes (son of Herbert).

Freddie Landes with her grand-children, Betty (McCoy) and Nell (Rogers), both children of Willie.

Freddie Landes with her great grand-daughter, Mary Ellen (Wimer), grand-daughter of Herbert, and daughter of Dale Landes, around 1966.


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