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This site was originally set up in 2014 to explore the ancestors and descendants of Jesse and Christina Landes of Brushy Run, West Virginia. However, after 2019 it evolved primarily into focusing on the eldest child of Jesse and Christina -- Daniel Andrew Landes (1851-1934), my great-grandfather.

Daniel A. was known in our family by his initials, "D. A." and I will often refer to him on this site by those initials. "Daniel" was somtimes shortened to "Dan'l" and this has been honored by one descendant naming their son, "Danail".

D. A.'s wife (my great-grandmother) was America Rebecca Dolly Landes (1857 - 1926) and D. A. often referred to her as " A. R." My grandfather, Charles Jasper Landes was often called "C. J."

In researching the life, ancestors, and descendants of my great-grandfather, Daniel A. Landes, I was faced with all the challenges and obstacles than anyone might encounter in exploring their family history and genealogy. But due to an unexpected good fortune, I was contacted by another descendant of Daniel A. Landes in the summer of 2019 and learned that she had inherited a large cache of personal items of Daniel A. Landes including diaries, photographs, letters, ledgers, deeds, receipts, and other materials. This was most fortunate because suddenly most of the unanswered questions I had about D. A. and his family, and especially about his parents and grandparents* could be answered,

A large part of this site is devoted to presenting and transcribing the Daniel A. Landes archive; links to various materials can be found on the left sidebar, and many of these links contain scans and transcriptions of the materials.

This site will be updated as more of the archive materials are processed, so check back often.











* Please see documentation of the parents of Jesse Landes here.

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