Photos: Jesse and Christina Landes Family

Jesse Landes (1809-1894) was the oldest child of John Landes and Elizabeth Peacock Landes. Jesse married Christina Kimble (1813-1911) and they had 9 children.

This family photo album was found in the Daniel A. Landes archive collection by Mary Ellen Wimer, great-great-grand-daughter of D. A. and America Landes. In the archive was a diary by Daniel's daughter, Zella (1886-1975) for the year, 1960. On March 29, 1960, Zella writes: "Snow leaving slow cloudy. Herbert Gae and me went to Riverton at night I brought up my grand-parents pictures from Freddies." Freddie was Zella's sistser-in-law and the wife of Charles J. Landes, who was a photographer. Many of the photos in this section, especially the families of C. J. Landes and his children (Ralph, Willie, Herbert, Mona, and Frank) were taken by C. J. This album of pictures, no doubt, is what Zella was referring to when she wrote, "my grand-parents pictures", and this is why this album has survived. It would have remained in Zella's possesion and eventually gone to her nephew Herbert when he inherited Zella's farm, then finally to Herbert's son, Dale, and then to Dale's daughter, Mary Ellen. It is fortunate that Zella retrieved this photo album because all other photos and family papers were destroyed in the flood of 1985 when C. J. and Freddie Landes' home and blacksmith shop were destroyed and literally washed away.

Jesse and Christian family photo album.
Jesse and Christian family photo album.
In this album was most certainly a photo of Jesse and Christina Landes, probably around 1890.

Three photos in the album can be identified because they had writing either on the album page or on the back of the photos:

"Oscar Judy"

Oscar Judy (1881-1964), son of Hannah Catherine and Adam Judy. Hannah Catherine (1859-1933) was Daniel's younger sister.

"Della Don and Jessie"

Della, Don, and Jessie Landes, grand-children of Jessie Franklin Landes (1862-1952), Daniel's younger brother. "Jesse Frank" lived in Nokesville, VA near Manassas and is buried in the Cannon Branch Cemetery there.. Daniel visited him and his family on Sept. 10, 1920, and he writes about his visit in his diary: "Went to Washington and to Nokesville to Brother Jesse Frank Landeses and stayed all night." On Sept. 11, he writes: "Went with Frank to visit C. R. Earhart who married Della Landes Franks oldest daughter they have one little boy his name is Clifford. Don Bird Landes married Miss Lilu Shaffer? and lives near Frank. Jesse E. Landes Franks youngest daughter married Joseph Horn? and lives near Frank."

Will Hiser and wife

Will Hiser and wife. Will Hiser (1873-1949) was the son of Daniel's younger sister, Mary Jane (1855-1941). Mary Jane married Jonathan Hiser in 1872, and they had 13 children.

Other photos in the album could be Jessie and Christia's children, but this is only speculation because no other writing is present on these paper photos:

Here are several tintypes that probably date from around 1860. TinTypes were a popular photographic medium from about 1860 - 1880. After that, tin was replaced by paper. The adults here could be Daniel, who was born in 1851, or some of Jesse's brothers, especially his brother Jackson (b. 1827) or his half-brother Abraham (b. 1829). Daniel often referred to his "Uncle Abe" who lived on Cave Mountain near Brushy Run. The children could also be any of Daniel's younger brothers or sisters.

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