Photos: Willie and Ona Landes Family

Willie Landes (1906-1998) was the son of Charles J. and Freddie Landes, and the grandson of Daniel A. and America R. Landes. Willie married Ona Bland (1908-2001) in 1926 and they lived in Germany Valley near Riverton, WV, and then later in Franklin, WV. Willie and Ona had 8 children: Nellie, Betty, Helen, Mary Rose, June, Roxie, Charles, and Daniel.

Of course, our family has several boxes of pictures because Willie's father (my grand-father), C. J. Landes was a photographer. So there are just too may to post all of them. But here is a sampling:

Willie and Ona Landes
in 1986 at their 50th
wedding anneversary.

Willie and Ona about 1930 with
5 of their 6 girls. No. 6 (Roxie)
is on the way.

Freddie Landes with children about 1913. From left: Mona, Herbert, Ralph, Willie.

Willie Landes as
a young man,
around 1920.

Ona as a girl, ptobably
around 1914

Willie and brother, Ralph playing
music, around 1914

Charles and Daniel playing music at Willie and Ona's 50th wedding anniversary, 1976. Can't remember names of other musicians.

Four Landes sisters.
From left: Helen, June,
Mary Rose, Roxie,
about 1941

Ona with 2 oldest girls: Nellie
and Betty, about 1948

Willie about 1922.

Willie Landes teaching school at the Dolly School House in the Dolly Hills about 1925.


Willie Landes liked to hunt:

Willie and Riley Thompson about 1955.

Willie with turkey about 1970.

Willie and son, Charles with deer about 1949.

Willie and son, Charles with wild turkey about 1957.

Riley Thompson, Willie Landes, and brother Charles with wild turkey about 1952.

Willie and younger brother, Frank with deer about 1935.

Willie was drafted into the navy in 1941 at the age of 41.

Landes girls with mother around 1942. From left: Roxie Nellie, Betty, Mary Rose, Ona (their mother), June, Helen. Betty is holding a photo of her father, Willie, who had left for the navy.

Willie Landes draft card, 1941.

Willie Landes in uniform about 1941.

After his return from WWII in 1945, the family moved to Franklin, WV and lived in the house at the bottom of Crigler lane accross from what is now the Subway:

One of 2 Family cars (Ford, Model A 1932) parked in fromt of the house at the bottom of Crigler Lane, about 1948.

Landes girls in 'cool' clothes around 1948 (Betty, left; Nell, right).

June (right) with two Franklin High School band friends. Both sisters June and Roxie were majorettes. At one point, sister Roxie played the trumpet.

My brother, Charles, was born in 1946 in the house at the bottom of Crigler Lane, delivered by Dr. Charles Sites. Shortly after, Willie purchased the house and small farm at the top of Crigler Lane from Harry Crigler. By 1950, two of the Landes girls had become nurses and were working in the hospital in Harrisonburg. Consequently, when Daniel was born in 1950 he was the first member of the Landes family to be born in a hospital. By 1950, all the girls were married and had left to start their own families. So after 1950 it was just Charles and Daniel at home with Willie and Ona:

From left: Charles, Daniel (Danny Bill) and Carol Ann Evick, daughter of sister June and Babe Evick, about 1954.

Willie Landes and buddies at Thompon's Restaurant about 1954.

Willie and Ona with boys, Charles
and Daniel (Danny Bil) at Thompson's Restaurant about 1955. Frisky
Thompson can be seen looking
in from the left.

Willie and Ona in 1954 with
their 2 boys, Charles and
Daniel (Danny Bill).

Willie and Ona in 1972 with their 2 boys, Charles and Daniel (Danny Bill).

Willie and Ona with children about 1984. From left: Willie, Oaa, Betty, Hellen, Mary Rose, Roxie, Charles.

Daniel (Danny Bill) with friend, Jimmy Brown at Forest Festival in Elkins (band trip) about 1965.

Charles Landes,
about 1963.

Charles and Daniel Landes
about 1952

Other resources:

Video of Ona Landes making Salt-rising bread:

This is a video I made about 1986 of my mother, Ona Landes, making salt-rising bread. Unfortunately the resolution is poor but hopefully you will be able to view it OK. -- DL

Video: Salt-rising bread


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