Jacob Landes Estate

The heirs of Jacob LANDES (d. 1811 Hardy County, WV) filed suit against the Administrator of their father's estate. The following excerpt, from one of the documents in the suit, names 15 children of Jacob Landes. This document is from the West Virginia State Archives Manuscript Collections, Ms79-198, South Branch Valley Collection.

"In the Circuit Superior Court of Law and Chancery, the County of Hardy September the 24th 1833 - Sitting as a court of Chancery John LANDES, David PEACOCK + Barbara his wife, Henry LANDES, Caleb PEACOCK + Elizabeth his wife, John K NUTT + Mary Magdalina his wife, Daniel LANDES + Fanny his wife, Jacob LANDES, Samuel LANDES, Daniel LANDES, Martin LANDES, Benjamin LANDES, Joseph LANDES, John RAY and Christine his wife, Solomon LANDES and Abraham LANDES the last are infants, under the age of 21 by John LANDES his brother and none proceed, all of whom are children and heirs of Jacob LANDES, Dec'd, except the husbands of the before mentioned women. . . . . . . Plfts

Against Jacob Sites, Admin. of Jacob Landes, Dec'd. . . . . Defts

This cause came on to be heard this 24th day of September 1833, on the papers formerly read and the report of Master Commissioner McMichen and the exceptions filed by the Defendant thereto and was argued by council. In consideration whereof the court is of opinion that the settlement of 1812 before the commissioners Green and Simons made by Order of the county court of Hardy returned and recorded being primafacia evidence in favor of the Deft Sites and there being no sufficient evidence to surcharge........[4 hand written pages]........

[Signed] October 22, 1833 John Hopewell, Master Commissioner"

The following affidavit is also part of the records in the above suit and names Jacob's wife as Fanny:

"Hardy County Jct This day personally came before me the subscriber a justice of the peace for the county aforesaid, John LANDERS [sic] and made oaths on the Holy evangelist of Almity God that Abraham LANDERS [sic] son of Jacob LANDERS [sic] and Fanny LANDERS [sic] was born in the month of April the year one thousand eight hundred and nine. The day of the month he cannot recollect but he believes it was about the middle of the month. That the said Abraham is his brother and he has known him from his birth. The said John is the oldest child of his mother as he has been informed and the said Abraham is the youngest child of the said mother. Given under my hand this 20th of April 1830. [signed] John Hopewell"

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