Florence Kile

Here are links to 2 letters from Florence Kile to Zella Landes. Florence was Becca's sister. Becca's father was Job Dolly and there were 3 children: America Rebecca, Florence, and Wilson Dolly.

April 13, 1905 [transcription]

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March 2, unknown year [transcription]

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Florence Kile married Dr. Hugh Kile in 1895. Florence died of diphtheria on September 3, 1907 and is buried in the Bowers Cemetery #12 on Jake Hill Rd. near Brushy Run. There was evidently an epidemic of diphtheria in 1907. In addition to Florence, Minnie's little girl died on September 2, 1907 of diphtheria. It was so bad that mail service was stopped between Box and Riverton for a while. See Daniel's diary entries on these dates in 1907: Aug. 19, 30; Sept. 1, 2, 6; Dec. 13; Feb. 3 1908.

Hugh Kile remarried in 1910 to Mary Armentrout. Hugh Kile was born about 1871 and was the son of Andrew and Ann Kile.

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