Odessa Riggleman

Here is a letter written by Odessa Riggleman to Zella Landes, November 27, 1967.

Odessa was the wife of Jared Riggleman, and Jared was the brother of Roxetta Landes Runk.

In 1910, Jared and Odessa were living in Huttonsville, WV (Randolph County) and are listed in the 1910 census along with their 2 children, Harold and Milton Riggleman. Daniel mentions them in his 1909 diary as visiting him and Becca along with James and Sarah Riggleman on January 20, 1909.

By 1920, they were living in Acron, OH, and according to Carol Riggleman Nash* (grand-daughter of Jared), he worked at the tire factory in Acron. Jarod is mentioned in Roxetta Runk's will.

Sarah was Daniel's sister and married Samuel Riggleman in 1880. Samuel and Sarah were the parents of Roxetta Landes Runk, who was born out of wedlock to Sarah in 1872.

Nov. 27 [transcription]

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* I contacted Carol Nash by phone on Sept. 24, 2018 and she told me about her grand-father, Jared Riggleman -- that he worked in the tire factory in Acron. There are notes in MindNode.

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