Other Documents

Here are links to other documents which were found mixed in with letters and receipts:

C. J. Landes Promissory Note

D. A. Landes Topographical Map: [transcription]

D. A. Landes Letterhead

D. A. Landes Account Statement

Father's School Teachers: [transcription]

Wilson Dolly Receipt: [transcription]

Shopping list: [transcription]


Unknown Envelope

Postmarked Sept. 1920, Macksville, WV, probably the envelope for either Monna Landes or one of A. R. Landes letters to Zella in Takoma Park, MD.

Dr. T. Williams' medical pamphlet:

page 3
pages 4-5
pages 6-7
pages 8-9
pages 10-11
pages 12-13
page 14

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