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West Virginia did not exist as a state before 1863. Also, when Virginia was divided into two states because of the Civil War, Grant County was also created in 1866 by dividing Hardy County into two separate counties. Consequenty, historical records such as court records, property deeds, wills, etc. for the general area north of Brushy Run before 1866 are housed in Moorefield, WV, the county seat of Hardy County. But records after 1866 are housed in Petersburg, WV, the county seat of Grant County, WV. Pendleton County, WV did not exist before 1788, when it was created out of portions of Augusta, Hardy, and Rockingham Counties in Virginia. Consequently, looking for any historical documents for anyone living in what is now Pendleton County before 1788 will take you to Staunton, VA (the county seat of Augusta County), Harrisonburg, VA (the county seat of Rockingham County), and Moorefield, WV (the county seat of Hardy County).

To get a sense of the geography of the region, visit Google Maps, MapQuest, etc.

At present (Sept, 2018) I have not been able to locate the actual 'homeplace' of Jesse and Christina Landes. However, no doubt it was located somewhere on Jake Hill Road, just west of the intersection of US route 220 and Brushy Run Road. The Bond Family Cemetery where Jesse and Christina are buried is on a hill just west of this intersection and is easily visible from US 220. There is an American flag posted at the cemetery and this makes it easy to spot.

Pendleton Co., WV, 1911 map

Pendleton Co., WV, 1933 map

The Dolly Path. Detail of a 1921 topographic map of Pendleton County, WV showing the 'Dolly Trail' (Dolly Path) running from the Dolly School in the Bland Hills, accross North Fork Mt., and connecting to Reeds Creek about 2 miles northeast of what is now the intersection of Reeds Creek Rd and US Rt. 33.

Here's a great modern map of Pendleton Co., WV with lots of detail. Use mouse wheel to zoom in or out.

Civil War map of Pendleton Co., WV and parts of Highland Co., VA

Civil War map showing Union Army movement in 1862 in and around Upper Tract and South Mill Creek.

Royal Land Company of Virginia lands in Rockingham and August Counties, VA and Pendleton County, WV, probably ca. 1877.



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