Oscar Landes (1881-1959)

Oscar Wilson Landes


Born August 27, 1881, Brushy Run, WV

Mother: America Rebecca Dolly Landes
Father: Daniel Andrew Landes

Died January 17, 1959, Riverton, WV

Aged 77 years, 4 months, 20 days

Funeral service was held at the Riverton E. U. B. Church, Riverton, WV. Tuesday, January 20, 1959, 1:00 pm.

Officiating clergy: Pastor W. H. Johnson, Buckhannon, WV


Cam Lambert, Riverton, WV
Gail Warner, Riverton, WV
Robert M. Raines, Riverton, WV
Paul A. Weese, Riverton, WV
Delmar Morrell, Riverton, WV
Norman Nelson, Riverton, WV

Buried at 2:00 pm, January 20, 1959 in the Landes/Dolly Family Cemetery in the Dolly Hill.

Surviving family:

Nettie Landes Thompson
Virginia (Gennie) Landes Lawrence
Zella S. Landes

Relatives attending the funeral:

Ted H. Hinkle
Mona Hinkle
Marie Hinkle
Jimmy Hinkle
Zella Landes
Willie Landes
Ona Landes
Herbert Landes
Gae Landes
Mr. & Mrs. Oliver Hedrick (Florence Hedrick)
Mrs. Frances W. Halterman
Mrs. Naomi ?

[note: Frank and Irene Landes were evidently not in attendance]

Friends attending the funeral:

Mrs. Norma Nelson
Mr. Fred Thompson
Mr. and Mrs. Delmar Morral
Mrs. Leslie Hedrick
Mrs. Green Hedrick
Norman C. Nelson
Glen Thompson
Gail Warner
Mrs Robert M. Raines
Norma Jean Raines
Mr. Robert M. Raines
Rev. Blair Burns
Elder & Mrs. Johnson
W. O. Harman
Mabel McDonald
Mr. and Mrs. J. L. Thompson
Hattie L. Huffman
Brad (?) Huffman
O. M. Raines
Estyl & Elva Lambert
Maggie Lambert
Ethel Bland
Zola Bowers
Austie Smith
Maysell Lawrence
Robera Weese
Mrs. Burke (?) Warner
Loren Warner
Ernest Bland
Mrs. O (?) Thompson
David Thompson
Clyde Thompson
Gracie Thompson
Sarah Marie Hedrick
Paul L. Hedrick
Katherine Lou Thompson
Burk (?) Warner

Floral Tributes:

Mr. and Mrs. Ted Hinkle and family
Mr. and Mrs. Willie Landes and family
Mr and Mrs. Oliver Hedrick and family
Zella, Herbert and family
Frank Landes and familyu
S. D. A. Church of Elkins


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