WV State Gazeetteers and Business Directories

These gazetteers and business directories were published by R. L. Polk and Co., Baltimore from about 1870-1920. The only ones that I have been able to gain access to are listed below. Others can be found in various libraries throughout West Virginia; however, these volumes are clasified as 'references' and consequently will not circulate through inter-library loan. The only way to view them would be to visit individual libraries in person. At some point, when I have time, I will print a listing of specific Gazetteers and what libraries thoughout the state which retain copies. In the meantime, here are links to PDF (files) that I have been able to download. The contents of the individual gazetteers cannot be searched, so you will have to scroll though them individually to find a specific reference. This is not difficult since the entries are listed alphabetically by city/town throughout WV.

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Note: the files are large and unweildy to view directly from a browser. Instead it is recommend that you download the PDF to your computer and then view the file with your PDF reader app.

1882 complete

1891 complete

1900 complete

These PDFs are tedious because every-other page is blank:

1904 part 1
1904 part 2
1904 part 3

Here is a gazetteer for WV 1904 published by the US Dept. of the Interior. This is altogether differenent from the ordinary Business Director Gazetteers published by R. L. Polk and Co.

1904 gazetteer, the US Dept. of the Interior

1918 complete

Links to these state gazetteers as well as other helpful sources can be found on the site, The Ancestor Hunt.


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