Daniel A. Landes Diaries: Introduction

In July, 2019, it was discovered that a great-great-granddaughter of Daniel A. Landes had retrieved a large cache of personal papers of D. A. Landes from her father's estate in Colville, WA. You can see the obituary of her father, Richard Dale Landes, here.

Among the archive were 25 hand-written diaries of D. A. Landes from a period spanning from 1877 - 1930. It is my intention over the next year to scan and transcribe the diaries and make that material available here in a variety of formats, eventually including a searchable database of names, locations, activities, etc. For now, you can review individual items from the achive here:

Index to D. A. Landes Diaries

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Index to Zella Landes Diaries


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