Zella Landes Diaries: Index

These are scans of the two diaries of Zella Landes, daughter of D. A. and A. R. Landes. Zella inherited the property in the Dolly Hills near Riverton, WV when her father died in 1934. We believe that she lived in the original house of D. A. and A. R. until she built a new house around 1950, and that's the house that remains on the property today.

Zella never married and lived in the house in the Dolly Hills until her death in 1975 at the age of 89. Zella willed the property to her nephew and his wife, Herbert and Gae Landes and Herb and Gae eventually left the property to their grand-daughter and her husband, Vicki and Jimmy Bennet, who still live there today.




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