Mona Z. Landes

Here is a link to a letter from Mona Z. Landes to Zella Landes. Mona was Zella's niece and was the daughter of Zella's brother, Charles Jasper Landes (Charlie, C. J.). Mona (1909 - 2006) would have only been 10 years old at the writng of this letter.

Mona is writing the letter to her Aunt Zella who along with Daniel A., made a trip to Washington D.C. in late August 1920 where both had medical procedures at the Washington Sanitarium [a 7th Day Adventist institution; see Daneil's 1920 diary, Aug. 25 - Sept 22]. Daniel had dental work and had a condition in his ears treated. Zella had been having pain in her feet and underwent surgery. Daniel returned to Riverton on Sept. 22.

September 3, 1920 [transcription]

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Mona Z. Landes married Ted Hinkle in 1932 and they lived in Franklin, WV after about 1950. Ted died in 1964 and Mona lived to be 97. See her obituary here.

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